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The Social Inquiry Workshop

Spring Quarter Workshops will be held Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm, starting March 30th, 2011 in the Boardroom.


The SI workshop is a weekly, year-round forum for everyone in the department to come together and share their work, regardless of where they are in the research process or what stage they are at in the program.

Workshops can include but are not limited to:

  • Developing theory/concepts
  • Presenting raw data
  • Practice jobs talks/lesson
  • Paper/article drafts
  • Mock orals
  • brown bag seminar
  • Initiating discussion about new theories and methods in the sociological discourse

The goal of these workshops is to foster a sense of community in the sociology department by providing an informal and safe space for faculty and graduate students to share their work, lead discussions, give meaningful feedback and collaborate. The SI Workshop is a great stepping stone towards and complementary too the external link: PI Workshop and more formal sociology conferences as well.

The topic options and stage of process is highly flexible for these workshops. We simply ask that ALL presenters clearly articulate what question or problem their presentation addresses. Presentations can be as formal or informal as the presenter desires. We encourage presenters to make the workshop work for them. If a grad student or faculty member wants to practice giving a more formal presentation, this is the workshop for them! If they want a more low-key yet engaging space to discuss new and possibly underdeveloped ideas, this is the place to do it!

If you have any questions about the workshops please contact:

Jennifer TyreeHageman

Workshop Schedule

Spring Quarter Workshops will be held Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm, starting March 30th, 2011 in the Boardroom.

General Calendar

The general calendar offers a schedule of the workshops for the current quarter.

Workshop Procedures

How the workshop "works": Supplementary documents (presenter's cover letter and descriptions of presentation, draft, etc.) will be distributed two weeks before each workshop through SmartSite (available in the Resources Folder). At the workshop, the facilitator will introduce the topic/presentation and presenter. Next, the presenter will have up to 30 minutes to discuss their sociological question and/or problem (may vary depending on type of presentation), and possibly conclude with questions for workshop participants. Then the workshop will be opened up for general discussion and feedback.

Participants should read supplementary documents submitted by the presenter (available in the Resources Folder) prior to attending the scheduled workshop. These workshops are a place to learn, discover, build and share knowledge. In order to achieve these goal, it is important that participants remember that everyone is at a different stage in their professional careers and research process. Please keep this fact in mind when commenting and giving feedback.

Sign-up Instructions

How do I sign-up?: To sign-up to give a presentation or be a facilitator, check the general calendar for free dates (see link above under Workshop Schedule) and then simply email Jennifer TyreeHageman with the two top days that you'd like to present or facilitate. She will email you to confirm or, if necessary, present alternative dates.

Presenters: Please prepare and upload the following supplementary documents to the Resources Folder by the Sunday prior to your scheduled workshop:

(1) A cover letter that explains the stage of research process, what question or problem your presentation addresses, and what kind of feedback/discussion you hope to generate.

(2) A document that explains your presentation topic--for example, a presenter may choose to submit a summary or an outline if it is underdeveloped work or an article draft etc. if the work is more advanced.

You can find a more external link: detailed guide about what to upload and where under the resources tab.

Facilitator: A successful facilitator embodies respect for other workshop participants and a watchful awareness of the dynamics of the group.

  • Announce the presenter and give a brief introduction of the research and presenter's background.
  • Make sure that the presenter explains (1) what stage he or she is at in the research; (2) what the next stage is; and (3) what type of feedback he or she is hoping for.
  • Facilitate transitions from the presentation to a general discussion.
  • Moderate the discussion and ensure that all attendees have the chance to comment and participate in the discussion by intervening in a way that will add to the discussion rather than take away from it.

SI Workshop Committee

Nathalie Miller

Jennifer TyreeHageman

Emerald Nguyen

David Orzechowicz

Robin Savinar

Stephanie Mudge

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