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Joan S.M. Meyers Received Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award

Joan Sheyne Mindl Meyers received the ASA's Sex and Gender section's Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award for "Unpacking Bureaucracy: An Intersectional Theory of Gendered Organizations." The award will be presented in New York at the ASA Sex and Gender section reception in August 2007.

ABSTRACT: Debates about the role of bureaucracy in reproducing workplace inequality have marked gendered organizations theory. This paper argues that “bureaucracy” collapses independent organizational characteristics: expertise-based hierarchy and formal, explicit rules and policies. Gender inequalities exist within “inequality regimes” (Acker 2006), which are supported by hierarchies but weakened by formality, and are visible in organizational constructions of worker subjectivity. Comparing observation and interview data from two 30-year-old worker cooperatives, power structures and worker subjectivities are found to form reciprocal relationships: gender inequality is reproduced through hierarchy and the construction of uniform subjectivity, but interrupted through formal decentralized power and multifaceted subjectivity.