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Marian Negoita Published
Marian Negoita has just published the article "The social bases of development: Hungary and Romania in comparative perspective" in Socio-Economic Review
"Do mentors in crime enhance their protégés’ success?" Article by Professor Bill McCarthy
Much of the research on mentorship in conventional fields concludes that mentored individuals experience more prosperous careers. Early research in criminology made a similar claim; yet, contemporary criminology has all but ignored mentors. In a recent publication Bill McCarthy and co-authors investigate the role of criminal mentors in the lives of a sample of incarcerated offenders.
Dr. Thomas Beamish receives National Science Foundation Grant
Dr. Thomas D. Beamish has been awarded a two year National Science Foundation Grant for his latest project, "'Bio-Safety' or 'Bio-Hazard'? Organizational Pursuit and Community Response to a Safety and Preparedness Initiative"
Associate Professor Ming-Cheng Lo awarded Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant
Associate Professor Ming-cheng Lo has been awarded a two-year Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant for her research project "One Science Does Not Fit All: The Social Processes of Culturally Competent Healthcare."

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