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John Hagan, Bill McCarthy, and Holly Foster (2002)

A Gendered Theory of Delinquency and Despair in the Life Course

Acta Sociologica, 45(1):37--46.

The paper pays particular attention to gender- & age-linked differences in forms of indirect, relational, & direct physical forms of delinquent aggression, as well as to sequential links of these forms of delinquent aggression to depression & drug & alcohol abuse. A power-control theory of the gender-delinquency relationship that draws attention to differences in familial control practices is then linked to these variations in the expression of delinquency & despair. We extend the focus of power-control theory to address how parental agency & support for dominant attitudes or schemas influence involvement in different forms of delinquency & despair. This extension emphasizes that differences in structure, particularly between more & less patriarchal households, result in degrees of difference & of kind in nonnormative outcomes. The paper concludes with a call for increased diversity in the measurement of delinquency & despair & for the development of opposite-sex sibling samples to explore gender- & age-linked differences in nonnormative phenomena. 51 References. Adapted from the source document.

*Criminality, *Sex Differences, *Juvenile Delinquency, *Depression (Psychology), *Home Environment, *Social Background, article, 2151: social problems and social welfare; juvenile delinquency, 0312: social psychology; personality & social roles (individual traits, social identity, adjustment, conformism, & deviance)
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Juvenile Delinquency; *Criminality; *Sex Differences; *Depression (Psychology); *Social Background; *Home Environment

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