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Bill McCarthy, Cecilia Benoit, Mikael Jansson, and Kat Kolar (2012)

Regulating Sex Work: Heterogeneity in Legal Strategies

Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 8:255--271.

In this article, we examine various legal strategies used to regulate the sale and purchase of sexual services. We use three broad categories to structure our discussion: full criminalization, partial decriminalization, and full decriminalization. In each section, we discuss laws directed toward the control of sellers, buyers, and third parties. We focus on legislation and practices at the highest level of aggregation (i.e., the national, state, or provincial level), and due to limited data, we concentrate on high-income countries. We present a critical assessment of each legal approach and conclude with a call for future research on the consequences of different legal strategies for sellers, buyers, and third parties. Adapted from the source document.

1636: social control; sociology of law, *Legislation, *Criminalization, *Decriminalization, *Merchants, article
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Merchants; *Decriminalization; *Legislation; *Criminalization

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