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Carlo Morselli, Pierre Tremblay, and Bill McCarthy (2006)

Mentors and Criminal Achievement

Criminology, 44(1):17--43.

Much of the research focusing on conventional occupations concludes that mentored individuals are more successful in their careers than those who are not mentored. Early research in criminology made a similar claim. Yet contemporary criminology has all but ignored mentors. We investigate this oversight, drawing on Sutherland's insights on tutelage & criminal maturation & incorporating ideas on human & social capital. We argue that mentors play a key role in their proteges' criminal achievements & examine this hypothesis with data from a recent survey of incarcerated adult male offenders in the Canadian province of Quebec. In this sample, a substantial proportion of respondents reported the presence of an influential individual in their lives who introduced them to a criminal milieu & whom they explicitly regarded as a mentor. After studying the attributes of offenders & their mentors, we develop a causal framework that positions criminal mentor presence within a pathway that leads to greater benefits & lower costs from crime. Tables, Figures, References. Adapted from the source document.

criminal achievement, mentor, co-offending, networks, structural holes, low self-control, criminal career, *Quebec, *Offenders, *Criminology, *Careers, *Crime, *Males, *Mentoring, article, 2147: social problems and social welfare; sociology of crime
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Criminology; *Males; *Mentoring; *Careers; *Offenders; *Quebec; *Crime

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