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Daniel Herda

Daniel Herda


292 SS&H

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Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

Race & Ethnic Relations; Quantitative Methods; Immigration; Social Psychology; Attitudes & Public Opinion; Crime & Delinquency



Herda, Daniel. 2013. “Too Many Immigrants?: Examining Alternative Forms of Immigrant Population Innumeracy.” Sociological Perspectives. 56: 213-239.

Okamoto, Dina, Daniel Herda and Cassie Hartzog. 2012 “Beyond Good Grades: Immigrant Integration in U.S. Schools through Participation in Extracurricular Activities.” Social Science Research. 42: 155-168.

Rude, Jesse and Daniel Herda. 2010. “Best Friends Forever? Race and the Stability of Adolescent Friendships.”  Social Forces. 89: 585-608.

Herda, Daniel. 2010. “‘How Many Immigrants?’ Foreign Born Population Innumeracy in Europe.” Public Opinion Quarterly. 74: 674-695.

Dissertation Title: Hostile Contact: Self-Reports of Interpersonal Discrimination among Blacks, Whites and Latinos in Chicago.

Dissertation Committee: Mary Jackman (chair), Dina Okamoto, Diane Felmlee, Bradford Jones.


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