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ASA Proposal: Special Session on Comparative-Historical Methods: Longitudinal Case Analysis
(By John Walton, Jeff Haydu, Chris Rhomberg) The comparative method has been a subject of much discussion and experimentation in recent years as sociologists have assessed the value of interpretive case studies and microhistory, large sample comparisons, and some synthesis of the two (as in Charles Ragin's QCA or Qualitative Comparative Analysis developed in THE COMPARATIVE METHOD).
Continent's End
I am developing a new study about “Continent's End” (from the Robinson Jeffers poem) that deals with notions of place, isolation, and incorporation of once-remote communities into modern societies. The work began with a public service effort on the Big Sur, central California coast and has branched out to a work of historical sociology including places like western Ireland.
Event, Place, and Narrative Craft: Method and Meaning in Microhistory
With the support of the School of American Research (SAR) in Santa Fe , NM , I have been developing an Advanced Seminar devoted to exploring the methods and contributions of microhistory. The first meeting in July 2004 was devoted to producing a proposal along the lines described in the short description of microhistory above.
Received the Robert and Helen Lynd Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Community and Urban Sociology
Awarded by the Section on Community and Urban Sociology, American Sociological Association, in Philadelphia , August 2005.

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