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Amenta, E and Halfmann, D (2011).
Opportunity knocks: The trouble with political opportunity and what you can do about it
In: Contention in Context: Political Opportunities and the Emergence of Protest. Stanford University Press, chap. Opportunity knocks: The trouble with political opportunity and what you can do about it.

Halfmann, D (2011).
Recognizing medicalization and demedicalization: Discourses, practices, and identities
HEALTH, 16(2):186--207.

Halfmann, D (2011).
Doctors and Demonstrators: How Political Institutions Shape Abortion Law in the United States, Britain, and Canada
University of Chicago Press. (ISBN: 0226313441).

Halfmann, D and Young, MP (2010).
War pictures: The grotesque as a mobilizing tactic
Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 15(1):1--24.

Halfmann, D, Rude, J, and Ebert, K (2005).
The biomedical legacy in minority health policy-making, 1975–2002
Research in the Sociology of Health Care, 23:245--275.

Halfmann, D (2003).
Historical priorities and the responses of doctors' associations to abortion reform proposals in Britain and the United States 1960-1973
Social Problems, 50(4):567--92.

Amenta, E and Halfmann, D (2001).
Who voted with Hopkins?: Institutional politics and the WPA
Journal of Policy History, 13(2):251--287.

Amenta, E and Halfmann, D (2000).
Wage wars: Institutional politics, WPA wages, and the struggle for US social policy
American Sociological Review, 65(4):506--528.

Amenta, E, Halfmann, D, and Young, MP (1999).
The strategies and contexts of social protest: political mediation and the impact of the Townsend Movement in California
Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 4(1):1--23.

Amenta, E, Benoit, E, Bonastia, C, Cauthen, NK, and Halfmann, D (1998).
Bring back the WPA: work, relief, and the origins of American social policy in welfare reform
Studies in American Political Development, 12(Spring):1--56.

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