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Joshua David Hayes M.A.


  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities: Michigan State University
  • M.A. Religious Studies (Sociology of Religion): Stanford University
  • M.A. Sociology: University of California, Davis
  • [In Progress] Ph.D. Sociology, University of California, Davis


Texas native, Michigan raised, transplanted to California. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to study and to teach in one of the most beautiful regions in the country. 

My areas of interest include:
-Quantitative Analysis, Statistics
-Identity, Sociology of Culture
-In groups and Out groups, Social Psychology
-Ethics, Violence, and Trauma; Sociology of Religion

Current work:
My dissertation is an in-depth exploration of self-reported survey data across 44 countries and a 20-year period. Using 109,000+ cases I conduct statistical analyses to test common social assumptions and established scholarly theory on national identity formation and change, inter-group relationships, the role of intersectionality in identity formation, and vexing contemporary social tensions.

Past work:
-Quantitative analysis of GSS data to test the relationship between religious affiliation, symbolic construction of national identity, and feelings of communal association.
-Quantitative analysis of GSS data to test the associations between respondents experiencing traumatic events and whether they hold moral perspectives that favor an external locus of control over internal ones. 
-Research assistant on the proliferation of hate crimes, by county, accounting for historical contexts of racism; Stanford University. 
-Research assistant on cataloging and coding hundreds of religious organizations for use in quantitative analysis; Stanford University.