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Hibel, J and Hall, M (2014).
Neighborhood Coethnic Immigrant Concentrations and Mexican American Children’s Early Academic Trajectories
Population Research and Policy Review, 33(3):365-391.

Hu, A and Hibel, J (2014).
Changes in college attainment and the economic returns to a college degree in urban China, 2003–2010: Implications for social equality
Social science research, 44:173--186.

Hu, A and Hibel, J (2013).
Increasing heterogeneity in the economic returns to higher education in urban China
The Social Science Journal.

Hu, A and Hibel, J (2013).
Educational attainment and self-rated health in contemporary China: A survey-based study in 2010
The Social Science Journal, 50(4):674--680.

Hibel, J and Jasper, AD (2012).
Delayed special education placement for learning disabilities among children of immigrants
Social forces, 91(2):503--530.

Dorius, C, Booth, A, Hibel, J, Granger, DA, and Johnson, D (2011).
Parents' testosterone and children's perception of parent–child relationship quality
Hormones and behavior, 60(5):512--519.

Hibel, J, Farkas, G, and Morgan, PL (2010).
Who Is Placed into Special Education?
Sociology of Education, 83(4):312--332.

Morgan, PL, Frisco, ML, Farkas, G, and Hibel, J (2010).
A propensity score matching analysis of the effects of special education services
The Journal of special education, 43(4):236--254.

Hibel, J (2009).
roots of assimilation generational status differentials in ethnic minority children's school readiness
Journal of Early Childhood Research, 7(2):135--152.

Asbury, K, Almeida, D, Hibel, J, Harlaar, N, and Plomin, R (2008).
Clones in the classroom: A daily diary study of the nonshared environmental relationship between monozygotic twin differences in school experience and achievement
Twin Research and Human Genetics, 11(06):586--595.

Farkas, G and Hibel, J (2008).
Being unready for school: Factors affecting risk and resilience
Disparities in school readiness: How families contribute to transitions into school:3--30.

Hibel, J, Faircloth, SC, and Farkas, G (2008).
Unpacking the placement of American Indian and Alaska Native students in special education programs and services in the early grades: School readiness as a predictive variable
Harvard Educational Review, 78(3):498--528.

Morgan, PL, Farkas, G, and Hibel, J (2008).
Matthew effects for whom?
Learning Disability Quarterly, 31(4):187--198.

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