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Konrad Franco


  • A.B., Economics, University of California - Davis, 2017


Hello visitors!

I am a first year graduate student interested in questions pertaining to the sociology of law, crime, deviance, and inequality. Presently, I am specializing in trying to answer these questions using quantitative methods. 

If you are an undergraduate student interested in the field of sociology, please contact me. There are a variety of ways to get involved in research and prepare yourself for graduate school. I attended UC Davis as an undergraduate student and would treasure the opportunity to share my experiences with you. 

If you are a fellow sociologist in training and have similar interests, I am always looking for new collaborations, so please feel free to reach out! 

Visit my personal webpage for a complete bio, an updated version of my CV, information about my latest projects, and material related to my work as a teaching assistant.  

Visit me on GitHub @klfranco for a repository of the data I am using on my various projects and templates for various documents I have created. 

Research Focus

Methodological Focus: Quantitative Methods and Causal Analysis

Substantive Focus: Sociology of Law, Crime, Deviance, Reentry, Inequality, and Communities 


In Winter Quarter 2018 I am a teaching assistant for Sociology 178 -- Punishment & Corrections with Professor McCarthy. If you are a student, please visit the course Canvas and stop by my webpage for some additional resources. 

In Fall Quarter 2017 I was a teaching assistant for Sociology 1 -- Introduction to Sociology.