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ANT Resource
This is a link to a useful web resource for Actor-Network Theory.
DNA Purification Technology & Technique
This link helps illustrate how reconfiguring (purifying) natural objects involves new complex technologies. Knowledge of these technologies and techniques reconfigures value and authority of pariticular scientists, that is, reconfigures social order.
Gravity Wave Research Link
How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Facebook
"Cory Doctorow writes about the downside of social networking on the Information Week site, with a focus on Facebook. While he starts with some minor but insightful quibbles, he quickly moves to a critique of the core of social networking: 'Imagine how creepy it would be to wander into a co-worker's cubicle and discover the wall covered with tiny photos of everyone in the office, ranked by 'friend' and 'foe,' with the top eight friends elevated to a small shrine decorated with Post-It roses and hearts.' Do you really want to add your boss and coworkers to your friends list? (And more to the point, do you really have a choice?)"
Instructions for Pasteur's Experiment
Here is a link with instructions for doing Pasteur's experiment. Apart from the difficulty of following the instructions, none of you could do it because you do not have the necessary non-humans in your actor-network. Note also how the hundred year controversy is solved by the punctuated actor, Pasteur alone.
Example of Huge Laboratory as Experimental System, Building, Organization, etc.
One Laptop per Child?
Image JPEG image Pasteur Glass Flask.jpg
Patient or prisoner?
An Arizona man recovering from a highly drug resistant form of tuberculosis is facing more legal troubles
Should Sick People be Put in Jail?
s Sickness a Crime? Arizona Man With TB Locked Up Indefinitely in Solitary Confinement
27-year-old Robert Daniels is being held against his will in a Phoenix hospital ward reserved for sick prisoners. If state officials have their way, he could be there for the rest of his life.
TB Patient Is Isolated After Taking Two Flights
Federal and international officials are tracking down passengers and crew members on two trans-Atlantic flights earlier this month who may have been exposed to a man infected with an exceptionally dangerous form of tuberculosis.
TB-Related News and Journal Items Weekly Update
Week of September 2 to September 8, 2007 3. Lodi TB Patient Arrested (California) Lodi News-Sentinel, August 24, 2007, by Layla Bohm A man who was refusing TB treatment at Lodi Memorial Hospital was arrested on August 23, and transferred to the San Joaquin County Jail.

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