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Crnovrsanin, T, Muelder, CW, Faris, R, Felmlee, D, and Ma, K (2014).
Visualization techniques for categorical analysis of social networks with multiple edge sets
Social Networks, 37:56--64.

Faris, R and Felmlee, D (2014).
Casualties of Social Combat School Networks of Peer Victimization and Their Consequences
American Sociological Review, 79(2):228--257.

Foshee, VA, McNaughton Reyes, HL, Vivolo-Kantor, AM, Basile, KC, Chang, L, Faris, R, and Ennett, ST (2014).
Bullying as a longitudinal predictor of adolescent dating violence
Journal of Adolescent Health.

Foshee, VA, Benefield, TS, Reyes, HLM, Ennett, ST, Faris, R, Chang, L, Hussong, A, and Suchindran, CM (2013).
The peer context and the development of the perpetration of adolescent dating violence
Journal of youth and adolescence, 42(4):471--486.

Wang, T, Wang, KC, Erlandsson, F, Wu, SF, and Faris, R (2013).
The influence of feedback with different opinions on continued user participation in online newsgroups
ACM Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining.

Wu, MQY, Faris, R, and Ma, K (2013).
Visual exploration of academic career paths
ACM Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining.

Faris, R (2012).
Aggression, exclusivity, and status attainment in interpersonal networks
Social forces, 90(4):1207--1235.

Stegman, MA and Faris, R (2012).
Banking and Welfare Reform: Results of the North Carolina Financial Services Survey
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Faris, R and Felmlee, D (2011).
Social networks and aggression at the Wheatley school
CNN Report.

Ennett, ST, Foshee, VA, Bauman, KE, Hussong, A, Cai, L, Reyes, HLM, Faris, R, Hipp, J, and DuRant, R (2008).
Imputation of categorical variables with PROC MI
CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 79(6):1777--1791.

FARIS, R (2007).
Race, Social Networks and School Bullying: Final Report.

Faris, R (2007).
Race, social networks, and school bullying
PhD thesis.

Faris, R (2006).
Race, achievement, and networks of victimization: A test of the acting White hypothesis
annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Stegman, MA and Faris, R (2005).
Welfare, work and banking: The use of consumer credit by current and former TANF recipients in Charlotte, North Carolina
Journal of Urban Affairs, 27(4):379--402.

Stegman, MA and Faris, R (2003).
Welfare, Work and Banking: The Use and Abuse of Consumer Credit by TANF Recipients and Leavers in North Carolina
Center for Community Capital.

Stegman, MA, Cochran, K, and Faris, R (2002).
Creating a Scorecard for the CRA Service Test
Brookings Institution.

Faris, R (2000).
Unto themselves: insularity and democracy
PhD thesis.

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