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Yanjie Bian, John R Logan, and Xiaoling Shu (2000)

Wage and Job Inequalities in the Working Lives of Men and Women in Tianjin

In: . U California Press, chap. Wage and Job Inequalities in the Working Lives of Men and Women in Tianjin, pp. 111--133. (ISBN: 0520220919).

Offers a cohort analysis of data from a 1993 household survey of 1,042 adults in Tianjin, People's Republic of China, to explore gender inequalities in employment opportunities & income, which have persisted despite decreases in such inequalities in the society as a whole as a result of profound changes in the economy & class structure. Respondents (Rs) are grouped into 5 cohorts on the basis of period of labor force entry, 1923-1993, & results are compared to those of a similar survey conducted in 1978. Several background characteristics linked to gender differences in jobs are identified, noting that education & membership in the Communist Party were significant across Rs' working careers & did not vary consistently across cohorts; the variable effect of age is discussed. Gender & cohort differences in five job dimensions -- occupation, work sector unit, work unit rank, wage, & retirement -- are described. Factors in the wage determination process that contribute to women's disadvantaged position are revealed, along with the lack of opportunities for job advancement associated with job change for women relative to men. 7 Tables. K. Hyatt Stewart

*Sexual Inequality, *Working Women, *Income Inequality, *Cohort Analysis, *Employment Opportunities, *Peoples Republic of China, *Generational Differences, bookitem, 2983: feminist/gender studies; sociology of gender & gender relations, 0621: complex organization; jobs, work organization, workplaces, & unions
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