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Yanjie Bian, Xiaoling Shu, and John R Logan (2001)

Communist Party Membership and Regime Dynamics in China

Social Forces, 79(3):805--841.

This article uses event history analyses to examine how the criteria of political screening & educational credentials evolved in the attainment of Chinese Communist Party membership during the period, 1949-1993, & how party membership, in turn, influenced individual mobility into elite political & managerial positions. We argue that political screening is a persistent feature & a survival strategy of all communist parties & that the mechanisms of ensuring political screening are affected by the regime's agendas in different historical periods. Using data from surveys conducted in Shanghai & Tianjin in 1993, we found that measures of political screening were persistently significant predictors of party membership attainment in all post-1949 periods & that party membership was positively associated with mobility into positions of political & managerial authority during the post-1978 reform era. Education emerged to be a significant predictor of Communist party membership in the post-1978 period. These findings indicate that the People's Republic of China has made historical shifts to recruit among the educated to create a technocratic elite that is both occupationally competent & politically screened. 6 Tables, 1 Figure, 73 References. Adapted from the source document.

*Recruitment, *Educational Attainment, *Membership, *Social Mobility, *Communist Parties, *Political Elites, *Peoples Republic of China, *Political History, article, 0925: political sociology/interactions; sociology of political systems, politics, & power
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Communist Parties; *Membership; *Peoples Republic of China; *Social Mobility; *Educational Attainment; *Political History; *Political Elites; *Recruitment

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