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Xiaoling Shu, Pi-Ling Fan, Xiaoli Li, and Margaret M Marini (1996)

Characterizing Occupations with Data from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Social Science Research, 25(2):149--173.

Procedures to create comparable indices of occupational characteristics for the 1960-1980 US Census detailed occupational classifications through reconciliation of fourth edition Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) data to the census occupational classifications are described. The procedures involved reconciliation of 1960 & 1970 census data to compute indices of 1960 DOT classification variables from measures of 1970 DOT data variables. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed six summary dimensions of occupational characteristics: (1) substantive complexity; (2) motor skill; (3) physical perception; (4) social skill; (5) physical demands; & (6) working conditions. The use of such occupation measures for cohort or other temporal comparisons using census & DOT data is discussed. 7 Tables, 1 Figure, 26 References. D. Generoli

occupation characterization, Dictionary of Occupational Titles-US Census detailed occupational classifications reconciliation, 1960-1980 census data, *Occupational Classifications, *Reference Materials, *Census, *Indexes (Measures), article, 1020: social differentiation; sociology of occupations & professions
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Occupational Classifications; *Reference Materials; *Indexes (Measures); *Census

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