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Xiaoling Shu and Yifei Zhu (2009)

The Quality of Life in China

Social Indicators Research, 92(2):191--225.

The Asia Barometer Survey of 2,000 respondents reveals that substantial majorities of the Chinese people experience feelings of happiness, enjoyment, and accomplishment. In fact, the proportion experiencing these indicators of a high quality of life are larger in China than in some more prosperous countries. Favorable historical comparison, sustained high economic growth, satisfaction with interpersonal life, and a high percentage of married people are among the explanations for China's prevalence of subjective well-being. The Chinese people's high levels of satisfaction with their interpersonal, material, and nonmaterial life domains, their positive assessments of their relative living standards, and their high rate of marriage are three direct positive influences on subjective well-being. Value priorities and other demographic characteristics also have indirect bearings on subjective well-being in China. Adapted from the source document.

*Life Satisfaction, *Quality of Life, *Peoples Republic of China, article, 2460: policy, planning, forecasting; social indicators
SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - *Quality of Life; *Life Satisfaction; *Peoples Republic of China

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