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The John and Lyn Lofland Undergraduate Research Award

The John and Lyn Lofland Undergraduate Research Award honors excellence in undergraduate research in Sociology.  Undergraduate research provides students with an opportunity to apply sociology to questions about social life. It reflects their skills in formulating questions, drawing conclusions from findings, and fine-tuning arguments. For most students, it can be their first experience doing original, in-depth research.

The Lofland Award celebrates John and Lyn Lofland's contributions to Sociology and in particular to the Undergraduate Sociology Program at the University of California at Davis. John came to UC Davis in 1970 and Lyn arrived in 1971. They were instrumental in creating many of the defining features of our undergraduate program. They helped establish the Sociology Honors Program, the research assistant program, undergraduate seminars and a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society. The Undergraduate Research Award celebrates these and the many other improvements that John and Lyn made to the Sociology program at UC Davis.

The winner of the award will receive a prize of $250 and their name commemorated on a department plaque. In addition, the winner will be invited to attend the Sociology Department Honors Reception where the award will be presented, and be publicly recognized and congratulated by faculty, staff, and students. One or more additional papers may be awarded an Honorable Mention, and their authors will also be invited to the party for public recognition.
















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