Previous Recipients

2015   Ruthie Rothstein: "Marijuana & The Media: The Influence of Media Narratives on Legalization Outcomes." (Faculty Nominator: Ryan Finnigan)


2014   Shadd Cabalatungan: "The Consequences of Alcohol Consumption for Drinking and Non-Drinking Students." (Faculty Nominator: Bill McCarthy)


2013   Shannon Carter: "To Stop or not to Stop? An Analysis of Cyclists' Compliance or Noncompliance with Stop Signs." (Faculty Nominator: Bill McCarthy)


2012   Ashlyn Jaeger: "Panic over Sexting: Regulating Sexuality in the Age of New Media Technology." (Faculty Nominator: Maxine Craig)


2011   Laurel K. Phelan: "Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Religious Organization? Comparing Alcoholics Anonymous to Evangelical Christians." (Faculty Nominator: John Hall)


2010   Victor Martinez: "Latina/o Students’ College-Choice Process: College Information and Decisions in School Context." (Faculty Nominator: Kerstin Lueck)


Previous Undergraduate Research Award Winners (Prior to the naming of the Lofland Award)

2009     Badiah Haffejee: "Turning Point for Youth: Events that Lead to Desistance." (Faculty Nominator: Bill McCarthy)

2008     Kristina McKibben: "Negotiating Care: Emotion Work Strategies of HIV/AIDS Workers." (Faculty Nominator: Natalia Deeb-Sossa)

2007     Hayley E. Steffen: "Rockers or White Kids? Comparing Boundary Work and Racial Awareness in High School Cliques." (Faculty Nominator: Kerstin Lueck)

2005     Jason K. Logan: "The Extremes of Customer Service: An Ethnography of a Retail Boutique."  (Faculty Nominator: Lyn H. Lofland)

2004     Nichole Zlatunich:  "Prom Dreams and Prom Reality: Girls' Resistance and AAccommodation to Dominant Representations of the High School Prom."  (Faculty Nominator: Laura Grindstaff)

2004     Kathleen P. Feehan:  "What Happens to Freshmen's Political Orientations During Their First Year: A Quantitative Evaluation of Factors Associated With Student Attitude Change."  (Faculty Nominator:  Eric Grodsky)

2003     Robin Pleau:  "Studying While "Old": How Midlife Women Students Experience and Cope with Age Difference in the University."  (Faculty Nominator: Kimberlee Shauman)

2001    JoAnne Delfino:  "Navigating Obstacles with Limited Commitment: Understanding Why Women Leave Engineering."  (Faculty Nominator: Sean O'Riain)

2000     Stephanie Welch:  "Advocating for the De-Stigmatization of Mental Illness: Ideological Foundations, Framing Tactics, and Possibilities of Forging a New Social Movement."  (Faculty Nominator: Laura Grindstaff)

1999    Carey Gray: "Maybe to You We're Disabled, but Not to Us: Ability, Disability, and the Construction of Deaf Identity."  (Faculty Nominator:  Patrick Carroll)

1998    Sarah Knofel:  "Gendered Organizations: A Comparative Study of The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts."  (Faculty Nominator: Vicki Smith)

1996    Michael E. Ezell:  "Modeling the Recidivism Among Young Parolees With Varying Ages: The Applicability and Utility of the Cox Proportional Hazards Model."  (Faculty Nominator: Larry Cohen)

1995     Amy Mannila:  "Envy and Competition in Same-Sex Friends."  (Faculty Nominator:  John Hall)

1994     Milmon F. Harrison:  "Greater Than the Former…: Observations on the Construction of Community within the Pentecostal Tradition."  (Faculty Nominator: Lyn Lofland)

1993     Ronald Ruggiero:  "Reform in Retreat: France, 1981-83."







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