Sociology Minor

The minor in sociology offers a broad range of classes for students interested in social services, legal professions, or the study of class, race and gender.

The unit requirements for a sociology minor are satisfied by completing any five upper-division sociology courses for a total of 20 units (with the exception of 192, 193, 194H, 195, 197T, 198, and 199).

You must wait until the quarter before you plan to graduate before you can declare a minor in sociology. Before you file for declaration of the minor, you should either complete all the courses required for the minor, or be enrolled in your final courses for the minor. You may file your minor declaration online through the Forms & Petitions tab on the UC Davis OASIS (Online Advising Student Information System) site. Please note the following:

  • Only one course may overlap for credit in the major and minor.
  • No course overlap is allowed between minors.
  • You must have an overall 2.00 GPA in the minor.
  • No emphasis will appear on your transcript or degree. It will simply state "minor in Sociology."
  • Although lower division prerequisites may be suggested prior to taking an upper division course, they are not required to complete the minor.
  • Pass 1 registration is restricted to declared sociology majors. Classes for minors must be obtained during Pass 2.


Suggested Courses

Although you can choose any five (5) Department of Sociology courses to complete your minor (within the previously described parameters), we offer these suggestions for applicability to particular fields:

Social Services

SOC 122 – Sociology of Adolescence

SOC 124 – Education and Inequality in the U.S.

SOC 126 – Social Interaction

SOC 131 – The Family

SOC 135 – Social Relationships

SOC 154 – Sociology of Health Care

SOC 185 or 185Y – Social Policy

Law and Society

SOC 118 – Political Sociology

SOC 120 – Deviance

SOC 150 – Criminology

SOC 151 – The Criminal Justice System

SOC 152 – Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 155 – Sociology of Law

SOC 171 – Violence and Inequality

Class, Race and Gender

SOC 129 – Sociology of Black Experience in America

SOC 130 – Race Relations

SOC 132 – Sociology of Gender

SOC 133 – Sexual Stratification and Politics

SOC 134 – Sociology of Racial Ethnic Families

SOC 137 – African American Society and Culture, 1790–1900

SOC 140 – Social Stratification

SOC 145B – Gender & Rural Development in the Third World

SOC 172 – Ideation of Class, Race and Gender