Academic Employment

The Department of Sociology attempts to give each graduate student a full year's support. Various types of academic employment opportunities are available.
Faculty Member Bruce Haynes lecturing in a class
Professor Bruce Haynes

Associate Instructor Positions

Students who are close to or have advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree are eligible to apply for associate instructor (AI) positions. These positions are given to graduate students who have excellent scholarship and teaching promise. They are temporarily appointed as the instructor of a lower-division course, and in rare cases, of an upper division course. This position qualifies for a partial remission of in-state fees, along with a monthly stipend. There are also opportunities in the summer for appointment as an associate instructor.

Graduate Reader

Many upper-division courses need readers. Duties include the grading of student papers and examinations. Students may read for more than one course at a time. This position provides a partial remission of in-state fees. An hourly salary is paid for the actual number of hours spent grading. Pay is disbursed after readers submit their hours for grading.

Graduate Student Research Assistantships

Various faculty members have research grants that provide money for research assistants. Graduate student researcher (GSR) duties may involve tasks such as observation and interviewing, questionnaire development, computer work, and/or library research. Students most likely to become GSRs are those who are specializing in or who are interested in the faculty member's area of research, and who possess requisite skills or are willing to acquire them.

Graduate student research assistants have varying durations of employment and may work a maximum of 20 hours a week. This position provides a full fee remission of in-state fees, along with a monthly stipend. Inquire about such positions by directly contacting individual faculty members.

Teaching Assistantships

Students may apply for a teaching assistantship (TA) at any time during their studies. Awards are made each quarter for the following academic quarter and are granted for the full three quarters whenever possible. However, because of excess enrollments, resignations, and other contingencies, positions may open up for one or two quarters.

TAs work half-time (20 hours a week) and must be in good academic standing to retain an appointment. This position provides a partial fee remission of in-state fees, along with a monthly stipend. It is departmental policy to attempt to provide all students in good standing with some TA experience. In addition, depending on a student's background and skills, opportunities to TA in other departments often are available.

Outside (non-Sociology) graduate students who are interested in employment (teaching assistant or reader) with the Department of Sociology are required to submit an application, C.V., and unofficial transcript to the graduate program coordinator. Outside graduate students will not be considered for employment unless an application is on-file with required documents. Employment is contingent on the availability of positions which vary per quarter.

Prospective applicants and students accepted to the Department of Sociology graduate program do not need to complete this form. Accepted students are automatically considered for employment opportunities.