Graduate Bylaws and Handbooks

The Graduate Group Bylaws define the organization and administrative and operational responsibilities of the Department of Sociology's graduate program. The Graduate Program Handbook outlines curricular components and student performance expectations.

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The Graduate Group Bylaws delineates the organizational structure of the Department of Sociology’s graduate program, which operates through three standing committees: the Graduate Program Committee, the Admissions Committee, and the Comprehensive Examination Committee, all members of which are appointed by the chair of the department.

  • The Graduate Program Committee oversees graduate student progress, program requirements, student petitions, and support for continuing students. 
  • The Admissions Committee makes decisions on applications for graduate study and financial aid for new students.
  • The Comprehensive Examination Committee prepares the comprehensive exam and evaluates student performance.

Graduate Student Handbooks

The terms of the most current Graduate Student Handbook applies to students who entered the graduate program in 2016 and all years since.  Students who entered the program between 2012 and 2015 are subject to the requirements in the 2012 Graduate Student Handbook. Students who entered the graduate program in 2011 or earlier are subject to the requirements specified in the 2006–2007 Graduate Student Handbook.