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Patrick Carroll has received a grant of $160,000 from the National Science Foundation

The grant is in support of his new research project on water infrastructure and state formation in California. The title of the project is "California Delta: The Engineered Heart of a Modern State Formation."

This new project builds on Patrick’s most recent book, Science, Culture, and Modern State Formation. The research has three key objectives. First, situate the development of the California Delta (also known as the “Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta” and the “San Francisco Bay Delta”) in the broad historical context of western civilization, particularly with respect to science and the governance of nature. Second, target critical shifts (such as the adoption of flood bypass systems) in the history of the Delta that explain major outcomes at each time in question.  Finally, survey the current configuration of the network with the aim of contributing insight to the discussion of sustainability today. Each of these objectives will be accomplished through an overarching analysis of the formation of the modern state of California as an ongoing process of engineering nature, society and technology together through the co-productions of science and government.

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