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Yifei Zhu received the UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship for the 2007-2008 academic year.

Yifei has been awarded the UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2007-2008. This fellowship provides a research and travel allowance in addition to a stipend and fees to international and domestic graduate students demonstrating strong potential for university teaching and research.

Yifei's dissertation, entitled "Globalization and Changes in Local Value Orientations: Gender, Family and Sexual Norms in China," examines macro- and micro-influences on gender, family, and sexual attitudes in China during its integration into the world capitalist market. She argues that education is a vehicle of socialization through which values promoted by the West and the Communist Party state are diffused through the Chinese population. The uneven pace of this transition reflects the values advanced by both the globalization forces and the domestic elite at different historical times. She will analyze national data from the Women's Status Survey, the Chinese Health and Family Life Survey, the World Values Survey, and the AsiaBarometer.