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Ethan J. Evans awarded (QSCERT) Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016-2018).

The Quality, Safety, and Comparative Effectiveness Research Training (QSCERT) Postdoctoral Fellowship is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ). Ethan will work at the UC Davis Health System, Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (2016-2018), expanding on research questions in his dissertation, The Affordable Care Act and Its Triple Aim: An Analysis of the American Welfare State in Transition and leveraging its organizational level analysis to conduct additional patient and delivery system specific research.


The Quality, Safety, and Comparative Effectiveness Research Training (QSCERT) T32 Program is a multidisciplinary, postdoctoral training program in quality, safety and comparative effectiveness research. T32 institutional training grants support promising researchers (M.D. residents/fellows or Ph.D scholars) who have completed a doctoral-­‐level degree but are not yet ready for faculty appointment.

Scholars participate in a two-­‐year training course and are selected based on a competitive application process in which academic qualifications, career goals, and the quality of the training environment are an important consideration for funding.

In addition to the required CER core curriculum and career development components, scholars have chosen one of three different training tracks. Each track is founded on the scholar’s prior experience and training and individual learning needs, and has its own requirements.