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Daniel Herda's article on discrimination fear named winner of the 2013 ASA Section on Children and Adolescents Graduate Student Paper Award.

The Specter of Discrimination: Reported Racial Discrimination Fear among Minority Adolescents in Chicago

This paper examines the understudied phenomenon of racial discrimination fear among a sample of African American and Hispanic adolescents in Chicago. I consider the extent of these fears across race and compare them to reports from the adolescents’ parents. I also analyze the factors associated with an increased level of fear. Borrowing from research on the fear of crime, I develop several hypotheses linking fears to direct personal experience, indirect or vicarious experience, and environmental signals. Results show discrimination fear to be common among minority adolescents. Such fears are also more prevalent among adolescents than their parents. Negative binomial regression models indicate that discrimination fears are most likely when one has already experienced victimization from discrimination. Indirect discrimination experience also predicts greater fear, suggesting that the consequences of discriminatory acts are not limited to the immediate victim. Further, among African Americans, the presence of racial out-groups in one’s neighborhood acts as a signal for discrimination, resulting in greater fear.