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Faculty and Graduate Students featured in the June 2012 issue of Politics & Society

The June 2012 issue of Politics & Society is a special issue on Relational Work in Market Economies edited by Fred Block.  Papers include "One Woman Helping Another: Egg Donation as a Case of Relational Work" by Jennifer Haylett and "Constructing 'Disinterested' Academic Science: Relational Work in University-Industry Research Collaborations" by Dina Biscotti, William B. Lacy, Leland L. Glenna, and Rick Welsh.

The papers explore the concept of relational work in shaping economic transactions.  The concept of relational work was developed by Viviana Zelizer and Charles Tilly.  The papers in the June 2012 Politics & Society special issue were first presented at a May 2010 workshop organized by Fred at UC Davis with the help of Nicole Biggart and Vicki Smith.  Fred provides an introduction to the special issue, which includes papers by Viviana Zelizer, Nina Bandelj, Frederick Wherry, and Josh Whitford.


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