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Ryken Grattet's article "Societal Reactions to Deviance" published in the Annual Review of Sociology

Ryken's piece discusses the past, present, and future of the sociology of deviance.

A common complaint about the sociology of deviance, particularly the perspective known as labeling theory or the societal reaction perspective,
is that the field is dead. However, considerable evidence suggests that the core themes of societal reaction work live on in several areas of
contemporary scholarship. After identifying and describing three key strands of the early societal reaction perspective, Ryken considers how those
strands are reflected in more recent work, much of which does not explicitly reference the earlier tradition. He identifies the ways that recent
scholarship builds upon and yet extends the earlier societal reaction tradition. He concludes by describing three trajectories emerging in recent work
that should focus future inquiry: the contingent effects of labeling, the causes of gaps between social control discourse and practice, and the
diffusion of social control practices from deviants to nondeviants.


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