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Graduate students present at PAA 2009

Four sociology graduate students – Cassie Hartzog, Dan Herda, Robin Pleau and Jesse Rude – recently presented their research at the 2009 meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) in Detroit, Michigan. This is the most successful showing of our students at PAA to date. They presented in regular paper sessions and poster sessions, received a lot of interest and positive feedback from discussants and session participants, and were even the subject of a Wall Street Journal blog entry.

Jesse Rude and Dan Herda presented their paper, "Best Friends Forever?: Race and the Stability of Adolescent Friendships" in a poster session where their research caught the attention of Conor Dougherty, Real Time Economics blogger for the Wall Street Journal (catch the post at http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2009/04/30/how-booze-and-cigarettes-bring-the-races-together/). Dina Okamoto, Cassie Hartzog and Dan Herda presented their paper, "The Structuring of Active Development: Immigrant Youth Participation in School and Community Activities" in the session titled "Immigrant Children and Educational Outcomes." And Kim Shauman and Robin Pleau presented their paper, "Trends and Correlates of Post-Retirement Employment, 1977 to 2008" in the "Economics of Aging and Retirement" session.