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Jennifer Haylett selected to be the recipeient of 2010 Mayhew Award

The Mayhew Award is given to the best graduate student qualifying paper completed in the academic year.

The Sociology Graduate Program Committee evaluated eleven Qualifying Papers completed in the academic year 2009-10. Jennifer Haylett's paper, entitled "One Woman Helping Another: Family and Motherhood in Egg Donor Narratives", has been selected to be the recipient of  2010 Mayhew Award for the best qualifying paper completed in the academic year 2009-10.  Members of the GPC regard her paper as professionally executed, and are particularly impressed with her accurate use of difficult concepts and her sound data interpretation. 
Valerie Feldman's paper, entitled "Interrogating Framing 'Success' through Negative Cases: Prostitution Politics in San Francisco", has been selected to receive an Honorable Mention for the Mayhew Award.  Members of the GPC are impressed with her ambitious data acquisition and use on such a challenging research topic.