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Raoul S. Lievanos Receives Graduate Student Research Award

Raoul S. Liévanos has been selected as a recipient for the inaugural year of Lisa Marie White Graduate Student Award Program affiliated with the University of California, Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment: Environmental Justice Project (http://ej.ucdavis.edu). The purpose of the award program is to support graduate students working on research related to environmental justice issues in the Central Valley. Eligible topic areas for the award program include—but are not limited to—land use planning and policy, regional equity, environmental resources and impacts (water, air, land, food/agriculture), pesticides exposure, open space, transportation, social dimensions of environmental change, affordable housing, or cumulative health impacts. Liévanos’s award funding is for the 2010-2011 academic year and will be used to purchase software and secondary data sources needed for his dissertation research, which examines the relationship between racial residential segregation, urban industrial development and redevelopment, and environmental inequality in Stockton, California. As part of his participation in the award program, Liévanos will be writing an interim report on his preliminary findings and presenting those findings in a public forum during spring quarter 2011 hosted by the Environmental Justice Project.