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Social Psychology Quarterly video features UCD Sociology grad student's work

"Social Psychology Quarterly has just loaded a very special video on our website. This video was designed to be used in conjunction with David Orzechowicz’s creative and thoughtful article, “Privileged Emotion Managers: The Case of Actors” (Social Psychology Quarterly 71, 2008, 143-56). Mr. Orzechowicz, a professional actor himself, has produced a seventeen-minute video that describes his article. I hope that when discussing the sociology of emotions you will assign his article and then use his video lecture. Ultimately scholarship must be theoretical and pedagogic. David’s article is both. I believe that this is the first time that a journal has provided a teaching video to supplement one of its articles. The article is available at http://www.asanet.org/journals/spq/actors.cfm. Take a look. If you teach in a smart classroom (and with smart students), you can show David’s lecture and then discuss his argument." -Gary Alan Fine