Journal Articles Published (last five years)

Faculty members in the Department of Sociology have collectively written more than 250 articles published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

Research studies by UC Davis Department of Sociology faculty members have made significant contributions to scientific literature. Research studies by our faculty members have been published in American Sociological Review; Annual Review of Sociology; Demographic Research; Demography; Human Relations; Journal of Health and Social Behavior; Population Research and Policy Review; Research in Social Stratification and Mobility; Social Forces; Social Problems; Social Science Quarterly; Social Science Research; Sociological Perspectives; and other journals. The research findings of our faculty members also have been published in scholarly journals in other professional fields, including Behavioral Scientist; Brooklyn Law Review; Criminal Justice Policy Review; Criminology; Engineering Project Organization Journal; Law & Policy; Maternal and Child Health Journal; Social Science & Medicine; Twin Research and Human Genetics; and periodicals in other fields to which they have offered their valuable insights. Several research clusters within the Department of Sociology foster collaboration among faculty members and graduate researchers.


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Lo, Ming-Cheng, and Yun Fan. 2020. “Brightening the dark side of “linking social capital”? Negotiating conflicting visions of post-Morakot reconstruction in Taiwan.” Theory and Society.


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  • Xie, Y., Fang, M., & Shauman, K. A. (2015) "STEM Education." Annual Review of Sociology 41: 331-357.