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Amara Lindsay Miller


  • Graduate Education:
  • MA in Sociology, UC Davis (Conferred 06/2013)
  • Pursuing PhD, Department of Sociology, UC Davis
  • To be conferred 06/2017
  • Advisor: Dr. John Hall
  • Undergraduate Education:
  • BS in Physics, UC Davis (Conferred June 2009)


My doctoral research looks at the intersections of modern postural yoga in the USA, professionalization/institutionalization of the field in the second half of the twentieth century, access/inequality in the creation of an "ideal" yoga body, digital technologies that have revolutionized and democratized cultural production within the yoga industry, and social movements like the body positivity movement and its appropriation by the yoga industrial complex.


Research Interests: Cultural Sociology; Complex Organizations; Social Movements; Work; Identity Formation and Development; Intersectionality and Social Justice (esp. Race/Ethnicity, Class, Gender, Size); Branding/Authenticity; Digital Technologies; Social Transformations




UC Berkeley Race & Yoga Working Group 2nd Annual Conference

Yoga (R)Evolution? Interrogating Practices and Probabilities

“The Great Gender Transformation: Feminization of the ‘Authentic’ Yoga Body”


UCD Sociology Research and Development Graduate Student Conference

“Embodied Boundaries: The Origins of a Field of Yoga and the ‘Authentic’ Yoga Body”


UC Berkeley Race & Yoga Working Group 1st Annual Conference

Yoga and Access: Questions of Inclusion

“Embodied Boundaries and the Construction of the ‘Authentic’ Yoga Body”


UCD Sociology Research and Development Graduate Student Conference

“Origins of the Field of Yoga: Yoga, Capitalism, and the Commodified Body”