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Ryan Finnigan

Ryan Finnigan

Assistant Professor

2259 SS&H

Office Hours for Spring 2017 :

  • Spring 2017: Tuesday 11am-1pm, and by appointment


  1. PhD: Duke University, 2013
  2. MA: Duke University, 2010
  3. BA, BS: Indiana University, 2007


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My research examines how macro-level economic, demographic, and institutional changes influence poverty and inequality. Specifically, much of my research focuses on racial/ethnic inequality in metropolitan housing and labor markets in the United States. Related strands of research examine various facets of poverty and inequality in both the US and comparatively. My various research questions include: How did longstanding racial/ethnic wage gaps change in the transition to the "new economy"? How do steady declines in White-Black segregation, and increases in White-Latino segregation relate to profound White-minority homeownership gaps? How do welfare states moderate risk profiles for poverty vary across societies?

Below are links to extended summaries of some of my research in progress, published articles, and course syllabi. I've also posted some replication files for published articles, which reproduce the papers' primary results. The original data for these articles are publically accessible from the sources they cite.

Current Research in Progress

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David Brady, Ryan Finnigan, and Sabine Huebgen. Forthcoming. "Rethinking the Risks of Poverty: A Framework for Analyzing Prevalences and Penalties." American Journal of Sociology

Ryan Finnigan. 2014. "Racial and Ethnic Stratification in the Relationship Between Homeownership and Self-Rated Health." Social Science & Medicine 115:72-81. (Replication Code)

David Brady and Ryan Finnigan. 2014. "Does Immigration Undermine Support for Social Policy?" American Sociological Review 79(1): 17-42. (Replication Code Country Data)

David Brady, Regina Baker, and Ryan Finnigan. 2013. "When Unionization Disappears: State-Level Unionization and Working Poverty in the U.S." American Sociological Review 78(5):872-896.

Selected Presentations

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"Poverty Measurement and Risk Profiles," Nov 18, School of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley


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Soc 46B: Intro to Social Research - Data Analysis, Spring 2017

Previous courses:

Soc 3: Social Problems, F14 W15 F15 W16 F16 W17

Soc 141: Industrialization and Social Change, Fall 15

Soc 46B: Intro to Social Research - Data Analysis, W15 W16

Soc 295: Social Stratification, Winter 2017


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University of California, 
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Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-0782 phone
(530) 752-0783 fax

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