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Carl Jorgensen

Carl Jorgensen

Professor Emeritus


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  1. Ph.D., University of Michigan


Research Interests

  • Race Relations
  • Sociology of Afro-America, Afro-American Thought
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Currently working on a Chapter on Early African American Female Students of Sociology (e. g. Ida B. Wells, Anna Julia Cooper) for a planned book on Early African American Sociological Thought. Also working on African American influence on The American Dilemma.



•  Jorgensen, Carl. 2008 Op-Ed. "The Obama Election: Political Evolution and Cutural Transformation." The Davis Flatlander. November 2008.
  • Jorgensen, Carl. 2006. "Booker T. Washington and the Sociology of Black Deficit." in Donald Cunnigen (et al.) The Racial Politics of Booker T. Washington. New York: JAI Press.
  • Jorgensen, Carl. 2004 Op-Ed. "Israel-Palestine: Solving the puzzle." The Flatlander (April).
  • Jorgensen, Carl. 2003. "Frederick Douglass and the Early Social Psychology of Racial Oppression." Race and Society 6 pp. 3-20.
  • Jorgensen, Carl. 1996. "The Afro-American Critique of White Supremacist Science: A Chronology of a Tradition," The Journal of Negro Education.

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