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The graduate program in sociology emphasizes rigorous preparation in theory and research methodologies as the basis of sound scholarship.

Doctoral Studies

The UC Davis Department of Sociology's Ph.D. program in which students can choose individualized themes.


The Ph.D. program is committed to maintaining an inclusive work environment that values diverse backgrounds, and prepares doctoral degree candidates for successful careers as scholars and professionals in sociology and various related fields.

Financial Support

The Department of Sociology attempts to help each student obtain a full-year financial support package with the expectation for the student to maintain good academic standing (3.0 GPA minimum and satisfactory progress toward the degree).

Student Resources

The Department of Sociology offers numerous advising and support resources for graduate students.


These are the academic requirements and materials you'll need in order to apply for admission to the Department of Sociology graduate program.

Graduate Courses

Here are descriptions and schedules for courses in the Department of Sociology's graduate program.

Student and Alumni Achievements

We proudly recognize the achievements of students and alumni of the Department of Sociology's Graduate Program.