Advising Office

Help is here when you need it. Staff and peer advisors are available weekdays to assist students individually with academic planning, course selection, career pathway development and other matters related to the major and staying on course toward graduation.

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Drop-in advising hours for Sociology Staff Advisors for spring quarter 2019:
   Tuesdays and  Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00pm

Sociology Peer Advisors hours for Spring 2019:
     Mondays: 10am-2pm
     Tuesdays: 9am-4pm
     Wednesdays: 10am-4pm
     Thursdays: 1pm-4pm
     Fridays: 10am-2pm

Peer Advisors can:
-Help you clarify major requirements
-Tell you what it is like to be a Sociology or Organizational Studies major
-Help you plan your course schedule
-Share their own experiences about internships, undergraduate research, writing an honors thesis, studying abroad, going to UCDC or UCCS, double majoring, taking specific SOC courses, and more!

The Advising Office is closed from noon-1pm and available hours are subject to change.

For questions about General Education, Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP), or Permission to Drop (PTD), please consult the College of Letters and Science Advising Office.


Sociology Undergraduate Advisors

Location: 1284 SS&H (please check in at 1282 SS&H)

Location: 1285 SS&H (please check in at 1282 SS&H)

Location: 1287 SS&H (please check in at 1282 SS&H)