Our advising office is currently meeting with students remotely. You can check this page for updates.

Sociology advisors are available weekdays to assist students individually with academic planning, course selection, career pathway development and other matters related to the major and staying on course toward graduation. Currently all appointments and drop-ins are being conducted remotely. Check back here for future updates.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the undergraduate program in the UC Davis Department of Sociology.

Sociology is an excellent major applicable to numerous fields of study at the postgraduate level.

Students in the sociology and organizational studies majors at UC Davis are trained and assessed in accordance with the standards of the American Sociological Association. The discipline of sociology historically has revolved around the mission to understand the meaning of society, analyze the social world critically, look beyond the surface of issues to discover the why,1 analyze the linkages between individuals and societies, and question the power relations undergirding the organization of contemporary societies. We strive to equip students with the skills to enter the labor market or move on to graduate-level training in multiple fields.