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Former UCD Ph.D. elected into the National Academy of Science

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology Thomas Dietz of Michigan State University was elected into the National Academy in April for his research and contributions to the environmental sciences. Professor Dietz was a Ph.D. student at UC Davis in Ecology, but he was mentored by Professor Jim Cramer with whom he also taught graduate level quantitative methods. Read more about Professor Dietz’ accomplishments here.

Professor Maxine Craig Publishes Article in Citizenship Studies

Professor Maxine Craig's article "Perfect smiles, aesthetic citizenship, and the U.S. State" traces the development of the social expectation in the United States for perfected smiles, produced through orthodontic treatment, and discusses its implication for two dimensions of citizenship: rights and sense of belonging. Belonging is facilitated by normative embodiment. In the contemporary United States, an irregular smile is a mark of alterity, indicating poverty, parental neglect, or foreign birth.

Irina Chukhray Presents Research at PSA's Annual Conference

Irina Chukhray presented her dissertation research "Are school counselors the best informational resources for immigrant-origin students seeking college admission?" at the Pacific Sociological Association's Annual Conference in March.

Nadia Smiecinska's Dissertation Research Accepted for Presentation

Nadia Smiecinska's ongoing dissertation research about coal communities' was accepted for a presentation at the 2024 University of Kentucky Appalachian Research Symposium and Arts Showcase. Nadia also recently presented a paper about the economic transition during the fall of communism in Poland at the Pacific Sociological Association's 2024 Conference.

Paola Langer's & Evan Baughman's Paper Accepted for Presentation at Add Health Users Conference

Paola Langer's & Evan Baughman's paper titled, “Transitions to Adulthood Among Disabled Native and Foreign-Born Adults,” has been accepted for presentation at the 2024 Add Health Users Conference. Add Health Users Conference is a conference that connects Add Health users to learn more about these rich data sets and will be held at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in June 2024.

Paola Langer Awarded UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship


Paola Langer was awarded a UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship for academic year 2023-2024. This is a 12-month fellowship open to continuing doctoral students who are in the final stages of their doctoral work and demonstrate strong potential for university teaching and research.

Reema Saad Awarded Funds from UC Office of the President

In collaboration with the Mondavi Center, Reema Saad has been awarded $35,000 from funds set aside by UCOP to combat bias, bigotry and discrimination, including antisemitism, Islamophobia and more. The proposal submitted by Reema is titled "Addressing Bias and Bigotry: Challenging Stereotypes Through Music and Comedy" and directly aims to fight anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia through the performing arts.

Chendong Pi Presents Paper at 2023 Southwest Conference on Asian Studies & UCD East Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference

Chendong Pi presented his paper "Interethnic Personalities: Tumed Mongols and the Rise of the Chinese Communist Party" at the 2023 Southwest Conference on Asian Studies, and the UCD East Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference. He'll also being sharing his research findings at the 2024 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference in Settle. 

David Kyle co-edits book, "Global Human Smuggling: Buying Freedom in a Retreating World" (Johns Hopkins)

David Kyle co-edits book, "Global Human Smuggling: Buying Freedom in a Retreating World"

Migrant smuggling is now more entrenched than ever in many regions around the world, with efforts to combat it both largely unsuccessful and often counterproductive. In Global Human Smuggling, editors Luigi Achilli and David Kyle bring together up-to-date contributions from a wide array of interdisciplinary scholars on the most important issues related to this global phenomenon.