Dr. Ariana Valle Selected for the Society of Hellman Fellows Program 2023-2024

Assistant Professor of Sociology Ariana Valle has been selected to participate in the Society of Hellman Fellows for 2023-2024. The Society of Hellman Fellows Program is designed to support the research of Assistant Professors in their pursuit of tenure. Dr. Valle's work centers on immigration, racialization, and Latinx politics in Florida. The funded project examines how a political relationship designed to maintain Puerto Ricans at the periphery produced a group that is now at the center of national politics.

2023 John and Lyn Lofland Undergraduate Award Winners

Congratulations to Adam Pratt, who received the Best Thesis Award ($500) for his paper, “The Moderating Effects of Gender on Social Support as a Protective Factor Against Adolescent Suicide.” Adam’s mentors were Bob Faris and Erin Hamilton.

Congratulations to Mik Penarroyo, who received the Best Term Paper Award ($250) for his paper, “Delineating Traditional Notions of Gender Expectations Within Adolescent Spaces ⎼ An Ethnographic Study” written for SOC 132: Sociology of Gender. Mik’s instructor was Rowan Haus.

Dr. Brian Halpin Wins 2023 College of Letters & Sciences Teaching Award

Brian Halpin was named the recipient of the 2023 College of Letters and Sciences Teaching Award in the Academic Federation category!

This award recognizes Brian’s many outstanding contributions to teaching inside and outside the classroom. In particular, the selection committee noted his impressive dedication to supporting our students.

Congratulations, Dr. Halpin!

2023 Mayhew Award

Emily Searl is this year's Mayhew Award winner for her Qualifying Paper, "Long-Term Nonstandard Work Hours Among Mothers by Race/Ethnicity and Education.”

Honorable Mention was awarded to Irina Chukhray for her Qualifying Paper, “Immigrant Age-At-Arrival and College Enrollment.”

The Mayhew Award is an annual prize made possible by an endowed gift to the department to recognize pre-dissertation research.

Congratulations, Emily and Irina!


Bob Faris and co-authors awarded the 2022 Gould Prize

Bob Faris, along with co-authors Diana Felmlee and Cassie McMillan, have been awarded the 2022 Roger V. Gould Prize for the best article published by the American Journal of Sociology (AJS). The winning article is titled "With Friends Like These: Aggression from Amity and Equivalence" (AJS 126:673-713). It was chosen out of all papers published in AJS between January 2020 and November 2021.