Academic Honors

Students majoring in sociology can distinguish themselves and establish momentum toward grad school by qualifying for and participating in the department's academic honors program.

  • Undergraduate Honor Thesis
  • Students majoring in Sociology or Sociology - Organizational Studies can distinguish themselves to potential employers and establish momentum toward grad school by producing an undergraduate honors thesis.

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  • Degree and Commencement Honors

  • Students who complete a departmental honors thesis may be eligible to graduate with departmental honors distinction.

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  • Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

  • Alpha Kappa Delta is the international honor society for sociology students who excel academically.

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  • Department Awards and Certifications

  • The UC Davis Department of Sociology has established awards to recognize outstanding undergraduate students.

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  • AKD Membership Activation Form (PDF)

  •  AKDMembershipActivationForm.pdf — PDF document, 159 KB (163696 bytes)

  • AKD Membership Activation Form (XLS)

  • AKDMembershipActivationForm.xls — Excel spreadsheet, 33 KB (33792 bytes)

  • copy_of_AKD Membership Activation Form (PDF)

  • AKDMembershipActivationForm.pdf — PDF document, 178 KB (183094 bytes)

  • AKD Application (XLS)

  • AKD_Application.xls — Excel spreadsheet, 64 KB (66048 bytes)

  • AKD Membership Requirement Form (PDF)

  • AKDMembershipRequirementForm.pdf — PDF document, 185 KB (189797 bytes)

  • Sample Proposal 1: Max Lisch (PDF)

  • Sample_Proposal_1_Max_Lisch.pdf — PDF document, 179 KB (184103 bytes)

  • Sample Proposal 2: Nastassya Ferns (PDF)

  • Sample_Proposal_2_Nastassya_Ferns.pdf — PDF document, 153 KB (156678 bytes)