Doctoral Placements and Dissertations

The Department of Sociology Graduate Program has an enviable record of graduate job placements.


Doctoral Placements


NameCurrent Position
Caviness, Courtney Lecturer in the Sociology Department at UC Davis 
Jared, Joseph Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistical and Data Sciences, Smith College 
Hunter, Savannah Research and Policy Associate, UC Berkeley Labor Center
Kolber, Jesse Professor in the Behavioral Sciences Department, City College of San Francisco 


NameCurrent Position
Gold, Jessica

Postdoctoral Researcher at Northeastern University

Arseo, Sean

Research Manager at Pivot Learning, Oakland, California 

Hart, Elizabeth 

Research Associate II at WestEd, West Sacramento, California

Mabry, Dustin   VP, User Experience Research, San Francisco Bay Area


NameCurrent Position
Nickens, Rachel 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Whitman College

Sparks, Bridget

Interconnection Policy Manager at AES Clean Energy, Folsom California

McCarty, Kristin Child Welfare Research Specialist, Sacramento, California 
Jaeger, Ashlyn Program Manager for the Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub, Stanford 


NameCurrent Position

Baker, Zeke

Assistant Professor in Sociology, Sonoma State University

Miller, Amara

Assistant Professor, CSU-East Bay

Caldeira, Chris 

 Freelance Editor, Writer, and Collaborator, San Francisco

Spencer, Jennifer 

UX researcher, Google



NameCurrent Position

Haraway, Sam

 Principal UX Researcher at Kin + Carta, Denver, Colorado 

Hayes, Joshua

 Data Scientist at Spotify, San Francisco Bay Area

Ryan, Krysti

 Implementation Manager, College Transition Collaborative, Stanford

Savinar, Robin

 Postdoctoral Scholar,  National Science Foundation Project, UC Davis

TyreeHageman, Jennifer L. Research Fellow in Sustainable Consumption, Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham


NameCurrent Position

Carter, Angela

Research Scientist III at the Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health; (Former Research and Policy Fellow, UC Berkeley School of Law, Policy Advocacy Clinic; Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice Academy of Fellows, Rice University)


Project Associate, Rosov Consulting Professional Services

Jeffrey, Phyllis

WIOA Research and Policy Analyst at the California Workforce Development Board (Formerly Lecturer, UCD)


NameCurrent Position

Evans, Ethan

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, CSU-Sacramento (effective Fall 2018); (former Post-Doctoral Fellow, UC Davis Center for Health Policy and Research)

Halpin, Brian

Lecturer, UCD

Hale, Jo

Assistant Professor, University of St. Andrews, Scotland (former Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute)

Nguyen, Emerald

Science and Technology Policy Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (NIH) (former Congressional Fellow, American Sociological Association

Rullo, Joanna

Freelance Researcher



NameCurrent Position

Baxi, Parul

Lecturer, UCD

Chaudary, Ali

Assistant Professor, Rutgers University; (former Marie Curie Early Career Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Oxford-International Migration Institute)

Hartzog, Cassie

Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Regional Change, UCD

Haylett, Jennifer

Haylett, Jennifer Lecturer, University of Iowa

Kincaid, John

Assistant Professor, CSU-Stanislaus

McCoy, Jabou

Assistant Professor, County College of Morris, NJ (effective Fall 2017); (former Lecturer, UCD and CSU-Sacramento)

Phan, Le

Assistant Coordinator, Special Enrichment Transitional Program, UCD



NameCurrent Position

Chiaraluce, Cara

Lecturer, Santa Clara University

Frieberger, Nate

Not employed in academics as of Jan. 2018 (former Visiting Assistant Professor, Lew and Clark College; Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Kansas)

Romero, Mindy

Research Assistant Professor and Director, California Civic Engagement Project, Sol Price School of Public Policy, Sacramento, University of Southern California (formerly located at Center for Regional Change, UCD

Ruiz, Miguel

Lecturer, UCD and CSU-Sacramento

Veazey, Brian

Senior UX researcher, LinkedIn (former Senior Researcher/Ethnographer, Jhana, Inc.)



NameCurrent Position
Augusto, Sarah

Assistant Professor, Curry College, MA (former Lecturer, UCD, two years)

Bahar, Roxy

Director, the Pacifica Family Fund (former Associate Outcomes Researcher, Oxford Outcomes, San Francisco) 

Becker, Jaime

Lecturer, CSU-Sacramento; Director, JB Diversity Consulting

Gutierrez, Tim

 Assistant Professor, Riverside Community College (former Lecturer, UCD, three years and CSU-Sacramento, one year)

Herda, Dan Assistant Professor, Merrimack College, MA (former Lecturer, UCD, one year)
Lievanos, Raoul Assistant Professor, University of Oregon; (former Assistant Professor, Washington State University, Pullman)
Setele, Julie Assistant Professor, Webster University, MO (former Lecturer, UCD, two years)
Skaife, Jane Le N/A (formerly Assistant Professor, University of Tampa)
Sweet, Elizabeth Assistant Professor, CSU-San Jose State (former Lecturer, UCD and CSU-Sacramento; Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Davis)
Williams, Monica Assistant Professor, Weber State University, UT



NameCurrent Position

Bakker, Matt

Assistant Professor, Marymount University, VA (former Visiting Assistant Professor, Colorado College)

Hernandez, Jesse

Independent Consultant & Lecturer, UCD

Orzechowicz, David

 UX Researcher at Google and Sociology Lecturer at UC Davis 

Pleau, Robin

Research Scientist, California Department of Public Health

Traugott, Michael




NameCurrent Position

Casey, Teresa

Assistant Professor, Idaho State University, ID  (former Lecturer, UCD, one year) (deceased)

Ovink, Sarah

 Associate Professor, Virginia Tech

Kirkpatrick, Lucas

Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University, TX (former Assistant Professor and Post-doctoral Researcher in Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Michigan Society of Fellows, University of Michigan, 3 years. Former lecturer  UCD one year).



NameCurrent Position

Bakehorn, Jill

 Lecturer, UCB (former lecturer, UCD, three years)

Biscotti, Dina

 California Policy Organizer, BlueGreen Alliance (former Postdoctoral Scholar, U.C. Davis Energy Efficiency Center; former Lecturer, UCD) (deceased)

Dick, Brian

 Research Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation (former Research Associate, Life Sciences Foundation, San Francisco; Lecturer, UCD, one year)

Moorehead, Bob

 Professor College of DuPage, IL (former Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan; former Lecturer, UCD, one year)

Niyogi, Sangha

 Professor, Diablo Valley College, CA (former Lecturer, UCD, three-four years)



NameCurrent Position

Collins, Greg

 Resilience Coordinator and Director of the Center for Resilience, USAID (former Policy & Technical Advisor, USAID, East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), Bureau of Democracy, Conflict, & Humanitarian Affairs

Ebert, Kim

 Associate Professor, North Carolina State, NC (former Postdoctoral Fellow, Russell Sage Foundation, at UCD)

Gast, (Jones), Melanie

 Assistant Professor, University of Louisville (former Assistant Professor, DePaul University, IL; Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Research on Educational Opportunity, Notre Dame University; William T. Grant Postdoctoral Fellow)

Gregson, Jennifer

 Research Scientist, California Department of Public Health

Meyers, Joan

 Assistant Professor, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo; (former Visiting Professor, Sociology, University of the Pacific, CA & Postdoctoral Associate, Rutgers, School of Management & Labor Relations)

Rude, Jesse

 Project Director, Abt SRBI, NYC (former Research Analyst, National Opinion Research Center)

Silva, Eric

 Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University, GA (former Lecturer, UCD, one year)



NameCurrent Position

Alkon, Alie 

Associate Professor, University of the Pacific, CA 

Apesoa-Varano, Carolina

 Associate Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UCD (former Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Davis Medical School)

 Francis, Ara

 Associate Professor, Holy Cross University, MA (former Lecturer, UCD, one year)

Freedman, Lori

 Associate Researcher, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, UCSF (former Postdoctoral Researcher at CGRH)

Kalogrides, Demetra

 Research Associate, Center for Education Policy Analysis, School of Education, Stanford

Keller, Matt

 Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University, TX



NameCurrent Position

Collins-Dogrul, J.

 Associate Professor & Chair, Whittier College, CA

 Mermis-Cava, J.

 Consul for political affairs, US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (former Lecturer, UCD, two years)

Negoita, Marian Senior Associate Researcher, Social Policy Research Associates (former Research Associate, Ford Research Project; Lecturer, UCD, two years)



NameCurrent Position

Kohler-Flynn, Heather

 Lecturer, CSU-Sonoma State University (former Lecturer, UCD, one year)

Vanya, Magdi

 Lead Outcomes Researcher, ICON (former Associate Research Scientist, Pacific Institute for Evaluation and Research; Research Scientist, Prevention Research Center, UC Berkeley; Lecturer, UCD, two years)



NameCurrent Position
Burr, Thomas

Associate Professor, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (former Lecturer, UCD, two years)

Castellano, Ursula

 Associate Professor, Ohio University, Athens,  OH

Isler, Jonathan Research Scientist, California Department of Public Health; (former Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Springfield; former Lecturer, UCD, one year)
Martin, Monica Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Texas Tech University (former Assistant Professor Researcher, Human Development and Family Studies, UCD; Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD Human Development)
Poitevin, René Hispanic/Latino Resource Center Coordinator, Southern Illinois University; (formerly Assistant Professor, New York University, Gallatin School)
Schiller, Zach Assistant Professor, Kent State University (former Assistant Professor, Kent State University, Stark)



NameCurrent Position

Bahr, Pete

 Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education; (former Assistant Professor, Wayne State U)

 Clay, Andreana

 Professor & Chair, San Francisco State University

Muraco, Anna Professor, Loyola-Marymount, CA (former Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, School of Social Work
Neuwirth, Estee Director of Field Studies, Care Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente (former Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health)
Skuratowicz, Eva Director, SOU Research Center; Adjunct Professor in Sociology, Southern Oregon University
Stacey, Clare Associate Professor, Kent State University (former Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California, San Francisco)
Sweat, Jeff Professor, University of Wisconsin, Stout (former Postdoctoral Fellow, AIDS Research Training Program, Dept. of Sociology & School of Public Affairs, UCLA. Former Lecturer, UCD, one year)



NameCurrent Position

Beitel, Karl

 Senior Analyst, Harvey M. Rose Associates (formerly Director, Public Banking Project; Researcher, SEIU and Lecturer, UCD, one year)

Clark-Ibanez, M.

 Professor, CSU-San Marcos

Dale, John Associate Professor, George Mason University, VA
Flota, Michael Chair,  Daytona Beach Community College, FL
Henderson, Stuart Associate Director, Evaluation & Tracking Program, Clinical & Translational Science Center, UCD School of Medicine (former Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Health Policy Studies, UCSF)
Kiburi, Lalia UCD, Lecturer with Continuing Appointment
Miller, Susan Professor, Palomar College, CA
Otis, Eileen Associate Professor, University of Oregon (former Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Fairbank Center; Asst. Professor, SUNY-Stony Brook)
Rudy, Preston Associate Professor, CSU-San Jose



NameCurrent Position

Forman, Pam

 Professor & Chair, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Hansen, Heather

 Vice President for Public Policy at World Food Program USA (former Senior Policy Adviser, Millennium Challenge Corporation)

Reich, Jennifer Professor, University of Colorado, Denver (former Asst. and Assoc. Prof, University of Denver , CO; Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Health Policy Studies, UCSF)
Shah, Bindi Lecturer in Sociology, University of Southampton (England)



NameCurrent Position

Cross, Jeni

Associate Professor, Colorado State University (former Research Associate, Colorado State) 

Goodman, Myrna Associate Professor, CSU-Sonoma (Emerita)

Myrhe, Jenn

Professor, DeAnza College, CA 



NameCurrent Position

Curiel, James

Assistant Professor, Norfolk State University, VA (former Assistant Professor at American University Cairo, at CSU-Sacramento,  & Mendocino College of the Redwoods)


University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Directory of Dissertations

These dissertation abstracts that doctoral students submitted to dissertation committees reflect the diversity of scholarly inquiry in the Department of Sociology Graduate Program. All faculty are from UC Davis unless otherwise noted.