Following the campus guidelines for Coronavirus all UC Davis classes, lectures, seminars, labs and discussion sections will move to virtual instruction and remain virtual through the end of Fall quarter 2020, including final exams. Given this, the department’s administrative functions have moved to remote work conditions. To contact staff members of the department via e-mail or phone, please go to our administrative staff contact page.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Students of Sociology Association (GSSA) is a graduate student-run organization within the UC Davis Department of Sociology intended to enhance graduate education and student life.

The GSSA represents academic, professional and social interests of graduate students' within the Department of Sociology; fosters community among sociology graduate students; and reinforces constructive relationships with faculty and staff within the department. GSSA performs services, hosts social and professional events, and serves as a forum through which graduate students can express concerns.

GSSA general meetings usually are scheduled once or twice per quarter, and are open to all sociology graduate students. Participants are welcome to share important information on relevant topics and current events — intra-departmental as well as campus-wide — that affect sociology graduate students. As a student-run organization, GSSA provides leadership and service opportunities that contributed to the professional development of Sociology graduate students.

Through involvement in the campus-wide UC Davis Graduate Student Association (GSA), the GSSA links sociology graduate students to the wider campus community and generates funds for sociology graduate student activities.