Dr. Ariana Valle Selected for the Society of Hellman Fellows Program 2023-2024

Assistant Professor of Sociology Ariana Valle has been selected to participate in the Society of Hellman Fellows for 2023-2024. The Society of Hellman Fellows Program is designed to support the research of Assistant Professors in their pursuit of tenure. Dr. Valle's work centers on immigration, racialization, and Latinx politics in Florida. The funded project examines how a political relationship designed to maintain Puerto Ricans at the periphery produced a group that is now at the center of national politics. This research draws on 130 in-depth interviews with Puerto Ricans/Latinos and ethnographic observation conducted in Florida from 2016 to early 2018. The project elucidates how the intersection of colonialism, citizenship, migration, and racialization is producing a new Puerto Rican/Latino politics in the largest swing state of the nation with the potential of producing national political reverberations.


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