Angelita Repetto

Angelita Repetto Portrait

Position Title
PhD Candidate



  • 2018-2024 expected. PhD in Sociology with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Social Science, University of California, Davis.
  • 2021 Master's Degree in Sociology, University of California, Davis.
  • 2017 Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Angelita is a current doctoral candidate in the department of sociology. Her research areas are income, health, race, ethnicity, immigration, and computational social science. Her current work is on examining the relationship between attitudes towards Latinx people and the income of Latinx immigrants by race to understand processes of radicalization and discrimination, attitudes towards Latinx people and mental health outcomes among this population, education in California using Natural Language Processing methods to analyze eight years of LCAP documents, the digital harm effects of social media algorithms using experimental survey design, and hashtag activism on Twitter examining the development of #sayhername.

Research Focus

Race & Ethnicity, Immigration, Stratification, Health, Spatial Methods, Computational Social Science


Repetto, A., Albarracin, D. 2023. “Attitudes in a Polarized World: Sociological and Psychological Processes of Reinforcement of Social and Political Worldviews.” In Divided: Open-Mindedness and Dogmatism in a Polarized World edited by Victor Ottati and Chadly Stern. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Albarracin, J., Repetto, A. 2020. La Población Latinx y La Pandemia: Factores Estructurales y Vulnerabilidad. La Jiribilla.

White, B., Chan, M., Repetto, A., Gratale, S., Capella, J., Albarracin, D. 2018. “The Role of Attitudes in the Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Cannabis.” Pp. 31-66 in The Handbook of Attitudes Volume 2: Applications, edited by Dolores Albarracin and Blair T. Johnson.


Social Stratification

Instructor, UC Davis, Summer 2022

Race and Ethnicity

TA for Professor Orly Clerge, UC Davis, Winter 2019

TA for Professor Orly Clerge, UC Davis, Winter 2020

Data Visualization

TA for Professor Ryan Finnigan, UC Davis, Spring 2019

TA for Professor Seth Frey, UC Davis, Winter 2021

Introduction to Statistics

TA for Professor Xiaoling Shu, UC Davis, Fall 2019

TA for Professor Xiaoling Shu, UC Davis, Fall 2021

TA for Professor Jacob Hibel, UC Davis, Winter 2022

Intermediate Statistics

TA for Professor Xiaoling Shu, UC Davis, Fall 2020


2023 UC Davis Graduate Program Fellowship

2023 Dean’s Graduate Summer Fellowship

2022 Graduate Student of Color Summer Research Award

2022 Sociology Research Grant

2022 Sociology Travel Grant

2020 Mellon Public Scholars Fellowship

2013-2017 Presidential Awards Program Scholarship

2015-2017 Certificate of Excellence, Access and Achievement Program

2016-2017 Academic Excellence Award, Office of Minority Student Affairs