Axl Campos Kaminski

Axl Kaminski Portrait

Position Title
Graduate Student



  • JD, University of California Hastings College of the Law, 2019.
  • BA, Sociology, University of California Los Angeles, 2013.

Research Focus

Broadly my areas of interest are sociolegal studies, criminalization, social control, and deviance.

Currently my research focuses on issues pertaining to the criminalization and marginalization of subpopulations; specifically, how the process of medicalization has affected the rights of opioid dependent individuals. I am interested in the interplay between the individual and institutions, focusing on the legal system. Presently, I am investigating how the process of medicalization has influenced general thinking about opioid dependent individuals, and in turn, how the legal system has internalized this shift and created processes in response that alter the dispensation of “justice.”

I am also an animal advocate, and this informs a separate thread of research that concerns human-animal bonds and the sociology of animals.


Axl Campos Kaminski, The "Stunning" Reality Behind Halal Meat Production, 9 Environmental and Earth L.J. 32 (2019). Available at:

Axl Campos Kaminski, A No-Win Situation: Pregnant Mothers in Medication Assisted Therapy Programs Face Discrimination for Following Doctors Orders, 30 Hastings Women's L.J. 143 (2019). Available at: