Cetin Ozdemir

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Position Title
Ph.D. Candidate

SS&H / 258


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Davis, CA, 2018-2025
  • M.A., Sociology, University of California, Davis, CA, 2018-2020
  • QP: "Afghan Refugee Men’s Attitudes Toward Afghan Women’s Participation in the Labor-Market in Sacramento and Its Effects on Men’s Roles"
  • M.A., International Relations (English), Marmara University, İstanbul, 2013-2016
  • Thesis: “An Evaluation of the Integration Process of Turkey to the World Capitalist Economic System After World War II Within the Framework of the Uneven and Combined Development Approach”
  • B.A., Sociology (English), Marmara University, İstanbul, 2006-2011


I am a Ph.D. candidate. My research interests encompass internal/international migration, gender, comparative/historical sociology, international relations theories, sociology of international relations, social theories, and research methods. I am specifically interested in Turkey but also work in the USA.

Research Focus

-In my dissertation research, I am working on economic, political, and social insecurities Afghan refugee men experience in their private and public spaces in the USA and Turkey. I am also looking at gendered insecurity or relations. I am conducting a comparative study using in-depth interviews of at least 40 Afghan men in both countries and ethnographic observations of their public spaces.

-Based on my dissertation research, I am working on another paper to explore how il(legality) in which Afghan refugees shape their access to resources in Türkiye through a comparative analysis of two provinces, Istanbul province in the Marmara region and Trabzon province in the Black Sea region. I focus on three main social spheres: their economic integration, their access to resources that include education and health, and their plans.

-In my Qualifying Paper, I worked on Afghan refugees in Sacramento. I investigated Afghan refugee men's attitudes toward Afghan women regarding women's participation in the labor market by drawing on their economic precarity. I used the interview method and conducted 20 interviews. I found that Afghan refugee men embraced women’s economic contributions to the family and constructed new identities as breadwinners.

-Additionally, I work on another paper regarding internal migration in the 1950s in Turkey in terms of the uneven and combined development approach by Trotsky. In this context, I examine how agricultural development based on technology transfer and financial transfers resulted in rural-to-urban migration in Turkey. Those transfers functioned as a component of combined development that resulted in uneven development on a regional basis, which caused rural-to-urban migration. I use the case study methodology with a pathway technique to produce a causal graph in my research.


Özdemir, Ç . (2018). Turkey’s Integration to Capitalism Within Uneven and Combined Development Approach: “1945-1960”. International Journal of Political Science & Urban Studies, 6 (2), 27-54. DOI: 10.14782/ipsus.460126


1-University of California, Davis & the Department of Sociology

1.1Associate Instructor

Soc 2 (Self and Society), Summer Session II, 2021

Soc 46 (Introduction to Social Research Methods), Winter Quarter, 2022

• Responsible for the instruction for the course

• Coordinate the duties of TAs.

2-University of California, Davis & the Department of Sociology

2.1-Teaching Assistant (regular section instruction)

Soc 106 (Intermediate Social Statistics), Spring 2023

Soc 5 (Global Social Change), Winter 2023

Soc 106 (Intermediate Social Statistics), Fall 2021

Soc 46 (Introduction Social Statistics), Spring Quarter 2021

Soc 5 (Global Social Change), Winter Quarter 2021

Soc 5 (Global Social Change), Fall Quarter 2020

Soc 3 (Social Problems), Spring Quarter 2020

Soc 46A (Introduction to Social Research), Winter Quarter 2020

Soc 001 (Introduction to Sociology), Winter Quarter 2019

Soc 002 (Self and Society), Fall Quarter 2018

• Responsible for preparing discussion sections

• Graded examination papers and assignments

• Held office hours

2.2-Teaching Assistant (without section instruction)

Soc 100 (Classical Social Theory), Spring Quarter 2022

Soc 104/Ire 104 (Transnational Mobility), Fall Quarter 2019

Soc 104/Ire 104 (International Migration), Spring Quarter 2019

• Graded examination papers and assignments

• Held office hours


The 2022 UC Davis Sociology Program Small Research Grant, $1.000

The 2022 Dean’s Graduate Summer Fellowship Award, $5.500

The Fall 2022 Graduate Program Fellowship, $13,000.00, covering stipend and tuition and fees

The Fall 2023 Graduate Program Fellowship, &14,359.00, covering stipend and tuition and fees