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Charlotte Glennie

Research Focus

I study environmental justice and food systems, with attention to the influence of urban political economy, organizations, and social movements. Considering our society's interconnected crises - environmental, health, and economic - and their disproportionate impact on low income communities, indigenous people, immigrants, and people of color, I build holistic knowledge of the problems and their solutions. With a critical focus, I work to understand both grassroots and institutional efforts at change. Using a comparative historical approach, my dissertation analyzes efforts to preserve land for community gardens in three US cities.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Glennie, C. 2020. "Growing Together: Community Coalescence and the Social Dimensions of Urban Sustainability." Sustainability, 12(22), 9680.

Glennie, C. 2020. "Cultivating Place: Urban Development and the Institutionalization of Seattle's P-Patch Community Gardens." City & Community 19, 726-746.

Glennie, C. 2020. "Gardens in the Growth Machine: A Pathway to Permanent Community Gardens." In A Recipe for Gentrification: Food, Power, and Resistance in the City, Alkon, A.H., Kato, Y., and Sbicca, J., eds. New York: NYU Press, pp. 154-175.

Brinkley, C., C. Glennie, B. Chrisinger, and J. Flores. 2019. "'If you build it with them, they will come': What makes a supermarket intervention successful in a food desert?" Journal of Public Affairs e1863.

Glennie, C., and A. H. Alkon. 2018. "Food Justice: Cultivating the Field." Environmental Research Letters 13(7).


The Honors Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship